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July 1, 2002

New Philanthropy Benchmarking Challenges Social Sector

United University announces the release of New Philanthropy Benchmarking: Wisdom for the Passionate. A powerful and revolutionary approach to social sector philanthropy by its author, Kristina A. Kazarian.

Mission and Background

In New Philanthropy Benchmarking: Wisdom for the Passionate (NPB), Kristina Kazarian challenges the social sector to change its operations and traditional performance measuring methods. The ambitious mission of NPB is to inspire intense competition among the passionate and provide essential wisdoms to initiate radically positive transformative change within the social sector.

NPB builds on a synergistic collaboration of commercial sector benchmarking, progressive intersectoral strategies, and contemporary financial market analytical tools. The core of Kazarian's approach is built on the assumption that the passionate (especially capitalists/philanthropists "CPs") will instinctively strive for success in the social sector comparable to their achievement in the commercial sector.

Seven CPs, Seven Wisdom Points, and Seven Educational Components

Global interest in NPB grows in part on the profiles of seven CPs including the Bronfman brothers, Bill Gates, Thomas Monaghan, Michael Milken, George Soros, Steven Speilberg, and Michael Steinhardt. Kazarian developed NPB's Seven Wisdom Points from extensive research and analysis of foundations, NGOs government entities, and public companies. NPB's seven educational components provide the reader a structured framework to retain and apply the expansive content of NPB. NPB's prospectus format and extensive resources provide a valuable tool for industry professionals seeking a ready reference accompanied by practical examples.

Early Reviews and Observations on NPB

"NPB offers numerous golden nuggets among its pages. The book is as empowering and engaging as its author. Kazarian launches some of the most compelling and thought-provoking broadsides against traditional philanthropic practice. NPB defines a new breed of donors and the tools they wield."

"Kristina has created a fascinating new book desperately needed in the non-profit and philanthropic environment. She has very effectively combined the two concepts of philanthropy and competition. She certainly reinforces my belief that for success in philanthropy it is not what you do, it's how you do it."

"This is more than a guidebook or a source book for the new philanthropists ...this book provides a paradigm to make these organizations more efficient and effective in their mission."

Kazarian's Credentials

In 2000, Kazarian received an independent Research Fellow stipend to advance her work on NPB from Jed Emerson, then a Bloomberg Senior Research Fellow in Philanthropy at Harvard Business School. Kazarian received the prestigious honor of being invited to lecture on NPB principles at the 2001 United Nations Conference on Philanthropy and Volunteerism.

Kazarian serves as an instructor of New Philanthropy Benchmarking with United University and provides social sector consulting for Shepherd Technology Centers. She has also recently completed a joint consulting assignment with Community Wealth Ventures and Charles E. Napier Company, Ltd. Her passion for philanthropy was the founding catalyst for the Japonica Intersectoral Center at American University of Armenia, utilizing NPB principles to enhance social and commercial sector initiatives.

New Philanthropy Benchmarking: Wisdom for the Passionate is published by United University Press, a division of United University (

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