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New Philanthropy Benchmarking


Kristina A. Kazarian's powerful and revolutionary new work, New Philanthropy Benchmarking (NPB) offers the following in a concise, working book, and prospectus format:

  • 7 Capitalists/Philanthropists Profiles: Including the Bronfman brothers, Gates, Milken, Monaghan, Soros, Spielberg, and Steinhardt. NPB distills and explains the successful transfer of commercial practices to social sector initiatives to which each is passionately committed.
  • 7 NPB Wisdom Points: The 7 intersectoral wisdom points gleaned from sector best practices complemented by innovative insights and extensive original research. The wisdom points range from empowering to operationally practical.
  • 7 Educational Components: The 7 educational components provide the reader a structured framework to retain and apply the expansive content of NPB. These encompass three categories that build on a synergistic collaboration of commercial sector benchmarking, progressive intersectoral practices, and contemporary financial market analytical tools.
  • NPB Multiplier/Discount Effect: The power and compelling attractiveness of NPB is its ability to assist CPs in multiplying the impact of their resource investments relative to similar social sector initiatives and minimize risk. The Multiplier/Discount Effect offers the tool to foster the challenge to achieve 10, or even 100, times greater impact on each dollar of social sector investment.
  • Cutting-edge Financial Concepts: NPB adopts an unmistakable advocacy position for the greater adoption of capital market-type financial practices to the social sector.
  • Misfortunate Situations and Risk Assessment: NPB contains diverse and comprehensive examples of social sector misfortunate situations, especially those resulting in unintended and negative consequences.
  • Appendices: Twenty-one appendices offer powerfully practical tools for the target audience. The wealth of deep information allows the passionate reader to select relevant resources and take NPB to successful fruition.